A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Skip Bo: Step-by-Step Instructions

Welcome to our beginner’s guide to playing Skip Bo! Whether you’re new to the game or looking to brush up on your skills, this step-by-step guide will help you navigate through the rules and strategies of this fun and exciting card game. Let’s dive in!

Getting Started

The first step in playing Skip Bo is to gather your friends or family members around a table. The game is designed for 2 to 6 players, so make sure you have enough people to join in on the fun. Once everyone is seated and ready to play, shuffle the deck of cards and deal each player 30 cards. The remaining cards will be placed in the center of the table to form the draw pile.

Understanding the Objective

The main goal of Skip Bo is to be the first player to empty your stockpile. To do this, you must build sequential stacks of cards in numerical order from 1 to 12. Your stockpile consists of four building piles, which you can only add to with cards from your hand or the draw pile. Keep in mind that there are also four discard piles that you can use to strategically place cards to help you clear your stockpile faster.


Once the game begins, players take turns drawing cards from the draw pile and playing cards from their hand onto the building piles or discard piles. To start a new building pile, you must play a card from your hand or the top card of your stockpile. If you can’t play any cards from your hand, you can draw cards from the draw pile until you have a playable card.

Winning the Game

The game continues until one player successfully empties their stockpile. This player then shouts “Skip Bo!” to declare their victory. The remaining players can continue to play until all remaining stockpiles are empty, or they can end the game and tally up their scores based on the number of cards left in their stockpile. The player with the fewest cards left wins the round.


Congratulations, you’ve now learned the basics of playing Skip Bo! We hope this guide has helped you understand the rules and strategies of the game. Now it’s time to gather your friends and family, shuffle up those cards, and have a blast playing Skip Bo. If you have any questions or tips to share, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy playing!

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